Mighty Joe's Deli and Grill

Open 7 Days:

Mon-Thurs: 5am to 7pm
Fri-Sat: 6am to 7pm
Sun: 6am to 7pm

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Mighty Joe’s Deli and Grill is a South Jersey landmark.  The story of Mighty Joe, both the gorilla and the person, touches the heart of everyone who hears it.  A family-run business established in 1979 and a favorite of Shamong NJ locals. We have all of your quick-stop needs.  ATM, fuel, food, lottery, propane, firewood, fishing supplies, soft-serve ice-cream, air for your tires and most other things you might need in a pinch!  We’ve got a fully-stocked convenience store.  As a matter of fact, Mighty Joe’s was voted “South Jersey’s Best Convenience Store” 5 times by the Courier Post! Our mart is outstanding, clean and has everything you can imagine.  Our menu is extensive and we have a full deli, grill, char-broiler, deep fryers, and all types of snacks and drinks.  Cold,fresh hoagies for eat-in or to-go.  Hot dogs, pizza, coffee, breakfast-to-order, cheese steaks, wings, wraps, soup, etc.  Check out our extensive ,menu. We were also one of the first in NJ to sell Ethanol E85 fuel for flex fuel vehicles, Cam2 fuel and Bio Diesel for the trucks.

"I've been doing so well with eating good, but I stopped to get some gas and I just had to try it. The famous "KING KONG CHEESESTEAK"! OMG, honestly one of the best cheese steaks I've ever had. 100% top grade sirloin, provolone, fried onions, mushrooms etc... If you are ever in the area, stop by and try it. You won't be disappointed. Thank you so much, it was a blast, appreciated:)

Fishing Supplies

Not only can we provide your breakfast or lunch for a relaxing day on the lake, we have enough fishing supplies to make sure you bring home a fresh catch every time. 


Our grill is really second to none.  Delicious food ready-to-go and made-to-order.  And if you’re there earlier in the day, you might be lucky enough to have world-famous “Master Chef Vincenzo” cook your order himself!  


Gas, E85 Ethanol, Flex Fuel, Cam2, Diesel, Bio-Diesel, Propane Tanks and Refills

Monday - Friday 5pm - 7pm

Cruise Night Mondays!